What does a Freelance Writer Actually Do?


“I’d love to drink coffee all day and write words for a living.”

To be completely honest, I hate coffee, (*dismayed gasp*) but that doesn’t stop some from thinking that’s what I do for a living.

“But, what do you do?”

Most often when I tell people I am a freelance writer and blogger, this is the response I get. So here we are writing this blog. I thought I would share, with you the world, what it is that I do for shameless self-promotion.

1.)  Well, I write.

The Devil you say! A freelance writer..that writes! Well, yes, but honestly, this is the middle step in a bunch of other steps that are actually more important.

2.) Research– a TON of it.

Most of my time is spent researching. Interviewing clients, looking up product details, finding out about a company, anything that will make the writing relate the company to the customer, use its voice– that’s what I’m looking for. I also find relevant imagery to support the cause, like this one…

3.) Marketing Myself

Being a freelancer means that I am responsible for finding my own clients. Writing posts here, for example does just that. If I don’t believe in the power of having an updated blog, how will I convince a potential client that they need one too? It’s a win-win. Sharing my expertise benefits both of us.

4.) Assume Your Identity

I realize that sounds like something a supervillain would say, but it’s the truth. It’s not my job to write like me, it’s my job to write like you. I write in a way that conveys a message to your consumers, not mine. And yes, I may have a penchant for incorporating geeky references and humor into my posts but if that’s not your style, then it’s not my style.

5.) Commit to Deadlines and Meet Them

If I miss deadlines, you miss deadlines, and that’s bad news for all of us. When I commit to your projects, I am committing to your deadlines, whatever those may be. I commit to your timelines, and I commit to your editing schedules.


6.) Bonus: What do I have experience writing?

Well, obviously I can write you blogs– they’re my favorite.  I’ve also ghostwritten some eBooks. But I can also write you marketing materials like Case Studies , Web Copy, eNewsletters (I have a post coming later on why those are super awesome and important for your business) and, I can manage your social media. Just contact me and let me know what you need.